Quality Control and Assurance

Our Quality Control and Assurance Department maintains health and safety for all of our products, employees and facilities. BakeCo has met the following Quality Control and Assurance certifications:

SQF Certification

We are proud to be a certified manufacturer under the SQF program.

BakeCo is registered as meeting and exceeding the highest accomplishments of SQF level 3: Certified HACCP-Based Food Safety Plans. The Safe Qualify Food Program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), as well as retailers and foodservice providers around the world, as being one of the most rigorous, credible food safety management systems in the marketplace today. We are proud to be a certified manufacturer under the SQF program.

To ensure we incorporate quality into our processes rather than merely inspecting for quality after production, we maintain a set of operating quality standards. These standards include:

  1. Preparing food in sanitary conditions to prevent contamination
  2. Training employees on hygienic and code-compliant practices, policies and procedures
  3. Requiring equally high standards from our suppliers and contractors
  4. Providing management accountability and oversight for our quality standards, including commitment of resources, attention to quality metrics during management meetings and transparent reporting of our quality performance
Kosher Certification

Available upon request.